• An order duly filled in for change of data (it can be downloaded on our website www.crhovrs.org under Regulations and Forms) is submitted by a holder or another authorized person acting on holder's behalf and for his/her account. The order is submitted to the Central Registry counter or by mail.
  • The following enclosures are submitted with the order:
        - the application of residence/temporary residence with the competent body or a written statement by an applicant that contains the information about the new address -
           for  change of address of residence/temporary residence,
        - a previous document based on which wrong information was registered and a new document based on which correction is made - for the correction of address that
          contained an error,
        - power of attorney (if the order is submitted by an attorney-in-fact),
        - an appropriate document proving that the applicant is an authorized person (if the order is submitted by a legal representative, spouse/common law marriage partner, a
          relative by blood or an in-law acting as an attorney),
        - proof of payment of the fee in the amount of 5.00 KM to one of the Central Registry accounts.
  • An appropriate identification document and other enclosures with the order are submitted in original or as a copy certified by a competent body or as non-certified copy while presenting the original for inspection, and translated by a certified court interpreter if not made in one of the languages in official use in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • If the order is sent by mail or is submitted by a third party, a certified copy of an identification document of the person who signed the order should be enclosed.