Registration and deletion of securities
In the context of the law of proposed activities in the Central Registry are carried out after the registration of securities, as well as all changes in equity of joint stock companies. All operations are performed at the request of the issuer. In case of change of legal form will be deleted actions at the request of the issuer, in the case of termination of the joint stock company (bankruptcy) actions will be deleted ex officio. Securities which have a maturity deleted redemption ex officio. The appropriate forms for the implementation of these corporate actions can be found in the section Issuers-Forms.
Operations of a payment agent
Central Registry, also, by law or by contract makes payments to the funds on the basis of securities. Disbursement of funds, within the law, shall be made in the procedures of forced sale of shares in the takeover, as well as in the transfer of shares from minority shareholders t the controlling shareholder. Central Registry, on the basis of a contract, performs operations of a payment agent for payment of dividends in cash, payments of principal and interest on debt securities and the payment of other revenues derived from ownership of the securities.