The Central Registry creates the following reports for issuers from the register of securities, that is, a database maintained by the Central Registry:
  • -List of shareholders
  • -Report for the Shareholders Assembly
  • -Report from shareholder's book
  • -Report on the owners of debt securities for a certain type and class of debt securities
  • -Ownership structure for issuers that have institutional owners-investors
  • -Confirmation of the number of shareholders for the transformation of an open joint stock company is also closed for changing the legal form
  • -Confirmation of ISIN and CFI for registered securities
  • -Report of owners of shares in OIF
  • -Other reports on a special request
Other reports from the securities register, that is, the database kept by the Central Registry are structured according to the request of the issuer or other authorized person and the possibilities of the Central Registry, and in particular they are contracting