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_pdf  Request for using the service MY PORTFOLIO
_word  Request for using the service MY PORTFOLIO
_word  My Portfolio – Description


The "My Portfolio" service enables insight into the account balance and assessment of the current value of the portfolio on the owners' accounts in the Central Registry of  Securities JSC Banja Luka, via the Internet, from any computer, using a user code.
Users of this service can be all owners of securities, individuals and legal entities who have opened accounts at the Central Registry.
Details of the content of the service and the method of assessing the value of the portfolio are presented in the document My Portfolio - Description located at the link above the text, noting that the assessment is informative for the owner, and has no legal force against third parties and can not be used as evidence on ownership, ie proof of property value.If a holder of the account in the Central Registry wishes to use this service, one should deliver the filled out and signed request form to the Central Registry. Along with the request, it is necessary to submit a certified copy of the identification document.
If the request is submitted through an authorized stockbroker, it is necessary for the user to sign it in person, provided that the copy of the identification document attached to the request can be stamped by the stockbroker.
The request form can be found at the link above.Upon approval of the request, the Central Registry will send the access code together with the instructions for use to the address specified in the request.
Modern means of protection that ensure privacy and security are applied in the provision of the service.