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_pdf Request for using the service MY PORTFOLIO
_word Request for using the service MY PORTFOLIO



 The Central Registry of Securities JSC Banja Luka informs both the present and potential users of service „MY PORTFOLIO" that free using of this service.

Wishing to provide securities’ holders – investors more efficient and faster communication with the Central Registry, on February 15, 2007, the Central Registry introduced a new service „My Portfolio“.

This service implies a modern way of communication between the securities holders and the Central Registry, by providing access, while using the user password, via the Internet to the balance on the account kept in the Central Registry. The securities holders are provided an online access with privacy and security for provision of the service and with the application of modern security tools as well as the possibility of access from any computer connected on the Internet.

This service is available to all securities holders, physical and legal entities who have accounts opened at the Central Registry.

If a holder of the account in the Central Registry wishes to use this service, one should deliver the filled out and signed request form to the Central Registry, which is at the same time an order to the Central Registry to notify him/her/it of the balance on the account by using this service.

The request form is available on the Central Registry web site and may be obtained in brokerage houses too. The request form signed by the user and a certified copy of an identification document must be delivered to the Central Registry to allow it to send an access code and the instruction for use to the address stated in the request.

The service stated above enables the securities holders – users of the service to:

  1. view the balance on the securities account on the last day of settlement;
  2. view the assessment of the current value of portfolio which is calculated by multiplying the total amount of certain security with the average market price of that security realized on the previous day; the sum of those amounts makes the assessment of portfolio value.

 If you submit  a request through an authorized brokerage firm, you should sign it personally, and a copy of the identification document enclosed to the request must bear the seal of that brokerage firm.

Having submitted his/her/its main information, the user will be able to view the following:

  • securities designation;
  • number of the account;
  • number of securities held;
  • percentage in total quantity of registered securities of the issuer;
  • number of available securities;
  • number of blocked securities;
  • average market price on the last day of trading securities, i.e. zero, if the stated security has never been traded;
  • value of securities from the portfolio on the last day of settlement;
  • designation of the member of the Central Registry on whose account the securities are kept;
  • name of issuer.

The account can also be accessed through the Central Registry web site.

Upon the expiry of the free access period period users will be informed about the terms and the manner of further use of this service. For more information please contact us by e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..