Central Registry of Securities JSC Banja Luka when carrying out their activities in some cases inform the owners of securities on their rights from securities in some procedures performed and the payment of cash assets to owners. All these activities are performed according to the data registered in the Central Registry, and it is important that the data are accurate. In this regard, we urge all owners of securities to regularly update their information (name, parent's name, address, bank account, etc.). Also, in the Central Registry are carried out and a decision on succession in connection with securities, given that all rights are exercised by the owner it is necessary, in case of death of the owner, to the heirs of the Central Registry will receive a certificate of ownership to conduct inheritance proceedings, as and to implement the decision on inheritance immediately after the final. For more information regarding updating the data, you can contact our operators at the counter of the Central Registry or by phone at 051 / 348-717 or 051 / 348-729.