The report for the Shareholders Assembly on the basis of which the right to vote at the General Meeting of Shareholders is exercised is a report from the securities register, that is, a database maintained by the Central Registry, issued with the status as of the day determined in accordance with the Law on Business Companies.
The report for the Shareholders Assembly may be issued on request:
- issuer,
- the shareholder whose request was ordered by the court to hold a general meeting,
- a temporary representative authorized by the court to convene the shareholders' meeting.
The application is submitted in writing, at the latest five working days before the General Meeting of Shareholders, and it is submitted to the Central Registry Protocol or by mail, and by fax if the request is submitted by the issuer.
The application shall specify:
- type of report,
- the date on which the state is requested (date of intersection),
- format and format of the report,
- address to which the report is to be delivered,
- name and surname of the person authorized to download or receive the report, if no mail is requested,
- name, surname and signature of the applicant - natural person, or name and head office and signature of the authorized person and seal if the applicant is a legal person.
The application shall be enclosed with:
- a certified copy of the identification document, if the applicant is a natural person and if the request is submitted by mail or order is handed over to a third party,
- decision of the competent body or court on convening the assembly,
- proof of payment of the fee to the Central Registry, except for the annual general meeting of the issuer that does not have outstanding obligations to the Central Registry on the basis of the annual fee.