• Order for change of data, duly filled in (available for download on our website www.crhovrs.org under Regulations and Forms), is submitted by the holder or another authorized person acting on behalf and for the account of the holder. Order is submitted to the Central Registry counter or sent by mail.
  • The following enclosures are submitted with the order:
       - valid decision by a competent body or an excerpt from the registry of births - for a change of name and/or last name,
       - a previous document based on which wrong information was recorded, and a new document based on which correction is made - for the correction of a name or last name
         that contained an error,
       - power of attorney (if the order is submitted by an attorney-in-fact),
       - an appropriate document proving that the applicant is an authorized person (if the order is submitted by a legal representative, spouse/common law marriage partner,
         a relative by blood or an in-law acting as an attorney),
       - proof of payment of the fee in the amount of 5.00 KM to one of the Central Registry's accounts.

  • An appropriate identification document and other enclosures with the order are submitted in original or as a copy certified by a competent body or as non-certified copy while presenting the originals for inspection, and translated by a certified court interpreter if made in a language that is not in official use in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • If the order is sent by mail or submitted by a third person, a certified copy of an identification document of a person who signed the order should be enclosed.