Sell-out of shares in the proces of joint stock companies takeover

The Central Registry performs journal re-entries of shares that are subject of sell-out in the process of take over in accordance with Article 18 of the Law on Joint Stock Companies Takeover („The Republic of Srpska Official Gazette“, nos. 65/08, 2/09 and 59/13).

A shareholder whose shares were sold in a sell-out process is entitled to cash compensation. The funds for payment of the compensation were paid by the offering party to the Central Registry special purpose account.

A shareholder is required to inform the Central Registry as soon as possible after learning about a sell-out of his shares, about the cash account number to which the funds to which he is entitled based on sell-out will be transferred from the special purpose account, unless the shareholder’s cash account number has been entered in the Central Registry system during some other procedure.

All information concerning the sell-out of shares in the process of takeover and the payment of the related compensation amount is available on telephone number: 051/348-710 and 051/348-717 or at the Central Registry office at 1, Sime Solaje St., Banja Luka, by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and land mail at the address: Centralni registar hartija od vrijednosti AD Banja Luka, Ulica Sime Šolaje 1, 78000 Banja Luka.

Sell out of shares – joint stock companies takeover