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Raiffeisen BANK d.d. Bosna i Hercegovina is a subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International AG, a leading bank in Central and Eastern Europe and Austria.  

The bank has operated as a financial institution since November 1992 when it was founded as Market banka dd Sarajevo. Thanks to the quality of its business, it soon stood out as a very successful and profitable bank. Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG-Vienna acquired Market banka in 2000 and successfully integrated it into the Raiffeisen network, where it now operates as Raiffeisen BANK d.d. Bosna i Hercegovina.

More than 1,300 employees serve around 480,000 customers through 84 business outlets. Numerous national and international awards and acknowledgments by internationally recognized magazines such as Global Finance, Global Custodian, Euromoney and the Banker attest to the successful business operations of the bank. Investment in new technology, experienced staff, active personnel development, focus on the individual customer approach and implementation of new sales channels and new state-of-the-art products and services are the key competitive advantages of Raiffeisen Bank in the Bosnian-Herzegovinian market.

For more than 130 years, the Raiffeisen Group has been combining financial success with socially responsible business conduct, where corporate, environmental and social responsibility are the key references, guided by the key principles of social solidarity, helping people to help themselves and sustainability established by Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen.

Besides Raiffeisen BANK Bosna i Hercegovina, the Raiffeisen Group in Bosnia and Herzegovina also comprises Raiffeisen INVEST, Raiffeisen CAPITAL, Raiffeisen LEASING and RL ASSISTANCE.

The Securities Commission of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued Raiffeisen Bank a license for the custody business on 9 May 2006, as the first bank in the country to satisfy all of the legal criteria prescribed by the Commission. The bank signed a custody account agreement with the Securities Register of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 20 April 2006.

Raiffeisen Bank was issued a licence for custody operations within Republika Srpska by the RS Securities Commission on 5 January 2007. This made Raiffeisen Bank the first bank in the country to be licensed for custody of securities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. Raiffeisen Bank was admitted to the Central Securities Register of Republika Srpska on 31 January 2007.

By delivering custody services in all parts of the country, Raiffeisen Bank creates a single capital market and provides both local and foreign investors with better access to information from all parts of the country. It also acts as a single point of contact for payment and settlement of securities transactions country-wide and makes the administrative procedure more convenient.

More information is available in the Custody and Depository Business at the  address: Zmaja od Bosne bb, 71000 Sarajevo

or by phone/e-mail:

 Tel. +387 33 287 153 / Fax. +387 33 287 272 e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 or on our web site: http://www.raiffeisenbank.ba/