Documentation for transfer of securities through inheritance is submitted by an heir of securities or his/her proxy, and in case of a minor his/her guardian, more precisely: 
  • order for transfer of securities that is available from authorized brokerage houses
  • original or certified photocopy of a valid decision on inheritance, according to which the shares/bonds (the exact type and amount) have been made part of the inheritance assets and on which all data of the testator and the heir is stated (name, last name, parent's name and personal ID no.),
  • certified photocopy of ID card of an heir who is of legal age,
  • original or certified photocopy of excerpt from the birth register for a minor heir, not older than 6 months.
  • proof of payment of the fee in the amount of 10.00 KM/per order (transaction 562100-80005420-15), in accordance with the Pricelist of Services of the Central Registry of Securities.
  • Certified copy of the card -current account of the heir (for bonds),

If an heir does not have an account created at the Registry, and if no residence of an heir is stated in the Decision on Inheritance, and if the heir has a new ID card issued by CIPS, a certificate issued by the relevant institution should be delivered confirming the residence/temporary residence, along with a birth certificate not older than 6 months and a proof of payment of the fee in the amount of 5.00 KM for opening of the holder's account. If after performed transfer of ownership you wish to have a proof of change, you should make a payment of 5.00 KM (per order) into transaction account no. 562100-80005420-15.