Notification of transfer of shares from minority shareholders to controlling shareholder of issuer RUDING AD Ugljevik

Shareholders meeting of the issuer RUDING AD Ugljevik, issued, on 18 January 2012, the Decision on Transfer of Shares to the Controlling Shareholder, no.: SK-IV-03/12.

Issuer information
RUDING AD Ugljevik       
Trg Draže Mihajlovića 2, Ugljevik
ID no.:

Controlling shareholder information
Baje Pivljanina bb, Bijeljina
ID no.:
In accordance with Art. 438. - 438d. of the Companies Act, on 30 May 2012, the Central Registry performed transfer of shares from minority shareholders to the controlling shareholder, upon the request of the controlling shareholder - issuer RUDING AD Ugljevik.
The shareholder whose shares have been transferred to the controlling shareholder is entitled to cash compensation.  
For each share that is subject to transfer to controlling shareholder, the amount of 0,60 KM, was determined by the controlling shareholder, as an appropriate compensation per share.
The funds for the payment of the compensation were paid into the Central Registry special purpose account by the controlling shareholder.
The shareholder shall, within the shortest possible time as of learning about transfer of shares to the controlling shareholder, notify the Central Registry of the number of cash account to which the cash that the shareholder is entitled to, based on transfer of shares to the controlling shareholder, will be transferred, unless the shareholder's account number has been entered in the Central Registry system during another procedure.


Art. 440 of the Companies Act regulates that the right to receive cash compensation shall become obsolete within three (3) years as of the day of entering the decision on transfer of shares in the court register, after which the funds that were deposited as cash compensation will be transferred to the Republic of Srpska budget.
Transfer of cash that was not paid to the minority shareholders of the issuer RUDING AD Ugljevik shall be transferred to the Republic of Srpska budget on 23 April 2015.

The information related to transfer of shares to the controlling shareholder and the payment of the concerned amount of compensation is available via phone no.: 051/348-710, 051/348-713 and 051/348-721 or at the reception of the Central Registry at 1, Sime Šolaje St., Banja Luka, by e-mail, via the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and regular mail at the address: Centralni registar hartija od vrijednosti AD Banja Luka, Ulica Sime Šolaje 1, 78000 Banja Luka.