With the entry into force of the new Regulation on clearing, settlement and transfer of securities, from 29.12.2023, the entire framework for clearing and settlement operations, which has been in force since the very beginning of those operations on the capital market of the Republic of Srpska, is being modernized in its entirety for the first time in 20 years.
The exchange of data with the Banja Luka Stock Exchange takes place via the web service, and members have all the necessary notifications and data on closed deals now available directly in the CSD application. Funds for additional payments to the guarantee fund are kept on a special Central Registry's account at CBBH, which ensures greater security of funds and their easy availability in case of activation of emergency procedures.
At the same time, processes are rationalized and largely automated.
This significantly reduces the operational risk, but also opens the possibility to further increase the competences of the Central Registry.