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KOSIG DUNAV OSIGURANJE AD Banja Luka - V issue-public offer Print
The Central Registry on date 01.04.2010. conducted registration of securities of following characteristics:

Akcionarsko društvo za osiguranje KOSIG DUNAV OSIGURANJE sa potpunom odgovornošću, Banja Luka
Issuer's headquarters
Veselina Masleše 28, Banja Luka
Issuer's reg. no.
Security type
Security class
ordinary share, class A
Security's Symbol
Number of securities
Nominal value of security
100,00 BAM
Total nominal value of issue
7.094.500,00 BAM
ISIN kod
Issue and issue type
fifth issue - increase of base capital, public offer

After registration of this issue, total value of issur's base capital is 15.483.100,00 BAM.
The issue is recorded at RS  Securities Commision's Registy of Issuers, decision no. : 01-03-RE-4034/09 dated 22.12.2009.