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NLB Tuzlanska banka d.d., Tuzla operates under name of NLB Banka d.d., Tuzla, based on consent of Banking Agency of FBiH, since 10.02.2012.  
A decision of name changing was adopted as a logical continuation of strategic development plan for enhancement and clearly determination of Bank presence in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. New name along with new and dynamic corporate image has a clear manifestation of all changes and improvements which occurred in Bank in previous period, for a target.
NLB Banka d.d.,Tuzla is universal type of bank that continuously achieves remarkable results in all business segments.
In favor of continuing growth of Bank's key business indicators comes a flattering title of
"Best mid-sized bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina for decade 2000 - 2010.", which was awarded by renowned London magazine "Finance Central Europe".
Bank is member of NLB Group, the largest Slovenian international financial group in Southeast Europe, which consists of 49 members and operates in 15 markets. Bank basic commitment is to meet customers needs for financial services, in order to provide continuous quality improvements and widening of service range. The best confirmation of Bank service quality is a trust indicated from more than 230.000 corporate and retail customers.
NLB Banka d.d., Tuzla is licensed by Securities Commission of FB&H for conducting custody services from 20.03.2008. Since 22.04.2010. Bank is licensed by Securities Commision of RS for conducting custody services as well.

NLB Banka d.d., Tuzla, gained membership in Central Registry of Securities on 14.05.2010.
We offer our clients following Custody services:
  • - Opening and management of custody accounts;
  • - Execution of orders for transfer of rights from securities and orders for registration of third parties rights;
  • - Payment of interest and dividends on behalf of securities owners;
  • - Securities lending;
  • - Shareholders notification regarding annual general meetings of joint stock companies and representation on Assembly;
  • - Notification of rights related to securities and execution of customer orders related to exercise these rights;
  • - Notification of legislative changes;
  • - Fulfillment of securities owner tax liabilities;
  • - Other services related to securities, exercise of rights and fulfillment of obligations from securities.
More information is available at the following contacts:
Lejla Fačić, Head of Department                                 Emina Zorlak, Internal Controler
Danijela Ozme 2, 71000 Sarajevo                                 Danijela Ozme 2, 71000 Sarajevo
tel: +387 35 259 465                                                    tel: +387 35 259 464
fax:+387 35 302 824                                                      fax:+387 35 302 824                                                e-mail: