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Payment to the holders of bonds of the issuer Republic of Srpska Print

Computation of principal amount and interest and keeping records of payments for the holders of bonds of the issuer Republic of Srpska

Based on the contract on performing the operations of a payment agent, Central Registry performs computation of the principal amount and interest for bond holders, for the needs of the Republic of Srpska Finance Ministry, and keeps records of the payments made or not made.

As the payment of the related part of principal amount and interest is made on the basis of Central Registry’s report, bond holders are required to report all changes of identification data and changes of the number of cash account. Anyone who has not received the amounts of funds due on times defined by the repayment schedule should turn to the Central Registry to check the reason why the payment was not made so that any obstacle for making the payment can be removed. For those holders whose payment conditions have been met, the data is periodically submitted to both Finance Ministry and the banks in order to effect a later payment.

In contact with the bond holders we could see that they mostly did not know to which amount they were entitled and when it was due. For that reason the Central Registry offered a new service for bond holders i.e. making of the Repayment schedule for each bond. The schedule includes an overview of due dates for coupons and the amounts of cash funds due for payment. Repayment schedules allow the bond holders to be informed about when and which amount of the funds is due.

Any information about the payments and issuing of the repayment schedule is available for bond holders on phone numbers 051/348-710 and 051/348-715 or at the Central Registry counter at 1, Sime Solaje St., Banja Luka, on every business day from 08-16h, by email at: and land mail at the address: Centralni registar hartija od vrijednosti a.d. Banja Luka, Ulica Sime Šolaje 1, 78000 Banja Luka.