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Word of the director Print
Dear business partners,
The Central Registry of Securities is a joint stock company conducting the activities of a unique register of securities, rights from securities as well as third party rights over securities in accordance with legal regulations.
Also, as a clearing house we perform the activities of clearing, settlement and transfer of securities and pecuniary obligations and claims created on the basis of business operations with securities.
Conduct of activities of a depository of investment funds forms an important segment of our business operations.
The Central Registry of Securities is an institution that is extremely important for the development, stability and efficient functioning of the capital market. By ensuring support for the capital market and all of its participants, it
is enabling the conduct of change i.e. the transfer of ownership of and rights over securities, in a timely fashion and in strict compliance with all legal regulations.
Secure ownership of securities of the present or future shareholders is one of the basic postulates of business operations of the Central Registry of Securities.
Through our proactive approach at the capital market we wish to satisfy the needs of our clients, present or future investors, in accordance with the highest professional standards.
We thank you for your confidence so far and we look forward to our future cooperation.
Bratoljub Radulović