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Notification of performed clearing of due obligations for the 9th annuity of bonds with local designation RSRS-O-B of the issuer REPUBLIC OF SRPSKA Print
Friday, 15 December 2017 14:28
On 15 December 2017, based on the contract concluded between the Central Registry and the issuer REPUBLIC OF SRPSKA, the Central Registry performed clearing of due ninth annuity of issuer's bonds, with local designation RSRS-O-B.
The total value of due obligations is in the amount of 2.786.871,30 KM for principal amount and 292.621,43 KM based on interest.
According to the decision on issue, the payments are to be made no later than within 15 days as of the day of maturity of annuity.

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JAVNI KONKURS za izbor člana Nadzornog odbora

Na osnovu 31. stav 4. Statuta Društva, radi izbora člana Nadzornog odbora, u skladu sa članom 201. stav 5. Zakona o tržištu hartija od vrijednosti Upravni odbor na sjednici održanoj dana 07.12.2017. godine   r a s p i s u j e

Addiko Bank ad Banja Luka – Ekspert funkcija upravljanja imovinom, prestanak članstva
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Addiko Bank ad Banja Luka – Ekspert funkcija upravljanja imovinom, prestalo je članstvo u Centralnom registru u sistemu obračuna i poravnanja hartija od vrijednosti.


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